Meet The Designers

Meet Our Featured Designers


Welcome to our 2019 UH Manoa Junior Designers’ page. Here you will get to get a little highlight story on each of our designers’ backgrounds, inspirations, and what they will be bringing to the show. They thank you for all of your support! Enjoy their autobiographies.


JESSICA ARISTA ‘Underexposed Expose’

My life in design started at a young age when I wanted to recycle old clothing. I later ventured into swimwear design, after learning that girls would wear and buy custom made suits. This is how I began my swimwear line, Sirens and Surfers. The collection that I have prepared this year is about showing off and hiding different erogenous zones to grasp the audience's attention from the first to last look.


APRIL DECASTRO ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’

I was raised and born in Honolulu, Hawaii with a Filipino upbringing and background. I grew up loving and creating art. I wanted to enhance my creativity. I stumbled on Fashion Design and Merchandising and I fell in love with it. Art elevated my creativity and it amazed me that I could create something from a concept idea into a tangible garment. I wanted to take my artistic attribute and do something for my community. I wanted to help the local homeless children of Hawaii and with my upcoming maternity business, it will.


KIMMY DIAZ ‘Celestial Bodies’

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I grew up with two older sisters who introduced me to pop culture, music, and fashion throughout my childhood. My mother was also very involved in fashion/sewing, cooking, cosmetology, and other forms of creativity, which exposed me to artistic concepts from a young age. I was always very interested in hands on aspects of art, because of this and also very picky about my clothing, really sparked my interest in fashion design. When choosing my career path, my mother helped me make this a reality by finding UH Manoa’s FDM program.