Junior Designers

Vogue Androgny 


Crystal Rose LeE

Crystal Rose Lee was born with a dreamy awareness of the world and she tries to create pieces that are synonymous with that perspective: ethereal designs she imagines could be worn in quixotic fairy tales or by the undaunted and eclectic.  

From her early years living in Seattle and Ashland, she whiled away her tech-less time by changing outfits five times a day, and chose fashion accessories like outrageous hot pink patent boots and rainbow colored coordinating set.

Spellbound by books at a young age, she discovered that she could fall into mysterious worlds not entirely her own. 

Her aesthetic for her individual designs comes from the romanticism of the stories she’s read throughout her life, and she decided to render those visuals through sentimental details in her collection.  She enjoys embroidery and embellishing as a hobby and expressed that by focusing heavily on those techniques for her pieces.

Crystal has always wanted to roam the expanse of Europe, and she hopes to find a place among costume designers or wardrobe stylists for a globetrotting television or film company.  She’d also like to someday work under Elie Saab, one of her favorite designers that has influenced and amazed her throughout the years. 

Kanako Lorenzana






Zoe Wang, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, is unfortunately not related to Alexander Wang or Vera Wang whatsoever. However, their designs and creative aesthetics inspire her to hopefully someday be the third Wang to join the fashion force. Ever since Zoe was born, fashion has always been a huge part of her growing up. She believes that what you choose to wear is what you directly say to others without speaking a word.

"I think the way someone dresses can tell you a lot about the person: where they went, where they are going, where they're from, who they are, and all of that jazz. It's expressive."

While Zoe definitely has her own sense of style now, she credits the two most important and stylish women in her life, her mom, Carry, and her Aunt, Nicole, for her love and pursuit for fashion.

For her collection, Zoe's inspiration comes from her upbringing as a 1st generation Chinese American. Her design showcases an interpretation of Chinese aesthetics in the Western world in an exclusive menswear line. She chose to only do a menswear line to challenge herself and to push the boundaries of menswear.



Taylor, born and raised in Hawaii, has a passion for everything creative. She enjoys learning and experiencing new things and in her free time likes to dance, do Tae Kwon Do,  and practice her Korean.

Taylor became interested in fashion from observing Japanese and Korean street style. She describes her aesthetic as minimal and geometrical.

Her collection named “Katachi," which means shape in Japanese, draws inspiration from her heritage and traditional art of Japan. Printed and dyed textiles such as katazome and shibori are a key feature in her collection, which juxtaposes against the modern and contemporary styles of her designs. She hopes that her collection will inspire young students to become future designers.

In the future, Taylor hopes to launch her own fashion brand called "Monochrome." 

Taylor 's goal is to change the fast fashion industry and to provide better working conditions to all. She plans on giving back to the community by helping to provide jobs for the less fortunate in hopes that they acquire job skills for future opportunities.