Li King

  1. Where are you from?
    Dalian China

  2. What inspired your interest in fashion design?
    I have always wanted to wear uniquely designed garments. My mother taught me to sew buttons when I was in elementary school in China.  I was very happy to be able to fix my own damaged clothes due to my mother’s teaching. Later in life, when I held a job, I’ll spent all my money to buy clothes instead of snacks or other things. Since I came to Hawaii fifteen years ago, I had a great time collecting various styles of garments. When I tired to wear  some of the garments, noticed things I wanted to change and I reconstructed the garments to make them more interesting to wear and to give a fresh personalized look. Slowly, I started to use my own body as mannequin to make garments with the look that I desired while utilizing by very basic knowledge and skills. Soon thereafter, I realized that I needed more sewing and design skills to overcome my limited sewing knowledge. After a few years of study and hard work, here are am. I am very proud to be a senior fashion design student from the UHM in the United States. I’ll be getting my Bachelor in Science Degree by the completion of the UH fashion show in 2015.


  3. After graduating, what endeavors do you plan to pursue?
    After graduation, I am planning to be a fashion trendsetter to find my own place in the Fashion market and industry. I’ll deliver uniquely designed garments from my own label within Asia and the West.