Gabrielle Sanehira

  1. Where are you from?
    Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii

  2. What inspired your interest in fashion design?
    Looking back, I owe my interest in fashion to three strong women; my mother cultivated my passion for creating things. They were then challenged by an energetic head costumer I worked for in high school named Poppy Shell. Lastly, my Grandmother who owned an Aloha-Wear factory has shown me that through hard work, success in this field is attainable.

  3. After graduating, what endeavors do you plan to pursue?
    After graduation, I plan to take some time to travel the United States. Living in Hawaii for all these years has limited my exposure to the vast diversity of fashion styles that exists in America. I want to explore the Northwest, down to New Mexico, across the Midwest and up to the East Coast. I hope that such an adventure will create opportunities for me and inspire new designs.