Ayaka Hosomi

Ayaka Hosomi

  1. Where are you from?
    Osaka, Japan

  2. What inspired your interest in fashion design?
    I am still not sure since when I got interested in fashion and what led me into, but I was told that when I was kid, I drew dresses and shoes and nagged to my mother to dress me up like a teenager. Fashion has been something special that makes me happy and been always my passion, even though there has been some shifts. As a child, I always admired to become and dress up like models that I saw in TV shows, as a teenager, I enjoyed buying clothes and styling myself and my family members, and then I realized that I wanted to be the one who creates clothes that can make people happy. 

  3. After graduating, what endeavors do you plan to pursue?

After graduation, I have a year to stay and work in U.S., so I want to move to California and expand a horizon through putting myself in new place with different crowd. Hopefully, this one year will be a chance to establish my career and leads me to the next path. Either working as a Modeliste, which is draper/pattern maker, for a luxury brand or working as a textile product designer textile is my long-term goal.