Asia Mateo

Asia Joan Mateo

  1. Where are you from?
    I grew up in Waipahu and Kalihi.

  2. After graduating, what endeavors do you plan to pursue?
    After graduation, I want to move to the mainland, preferably California or New York. I want to build my career in becoming a fashion magazine editor and events planner. Along with building my career, I would like to create a foundation that supports mentally challenged children, in which I would get them more involved in the fashion industry.

  3. What inspired your interest in fashion design?
    When I was younger my grandma always had fabric scraps laying around from the curtains, shirts and other things she made. I used to pick them up out of the thrash and make pillow cases, bags and dresses for my dolls out of them. While in class, I would be caught sketching designs instead of taking notes. I planned my entire life in the mindset that I would become a lawyer, pharmacist, nurse, engineer or any STEM-oriented career because that is what I was told while growing up. But I always knew that I was meant for a different career path. After returning to a seat in front of a sewing machine, creating and designing garments, I knew my career path was in the lines of the fashion industry.